Tales From The Clit 01 Clip 02

Description: Mistress Mia Domore returns with her 2 sexy Latina friends, Mistress Princess and Mistress Honey in this clip, forcing his face into their asses in multiple ways. There is an approx. 4 minute section in the middle which is POV focused so you get an idea of what he's living with underneath these asses, before it returns to face-in-butt action. Again, not a strong clip compared to our others.

Tales From The Clit 01 Clip 01

Description: Mistress Mia Domore returns with her 2 sexy Latina friends, Mistress Princess and Mistress Honey sitting around on the couch when they hear a knock on the door and discover their victim has arrived!! Goddess Mia throws the jerk down to the ground and the three sexy Mistresses begin the smothering and facesitting with abandon! These sexy Latina Mistresses put him through a workout as they use his face every possible way under their asses. Actually, not that great a video compared to the rest of our offerings.

Suck My Asshole, Bitch! 02 Clip 04

Description: Mistress Gianna starts with a lovely POV of her sexy and meaty body. Her fleshy butt, her enormous natural tits and pretty eyes captivate you. And today, she’s feeling kinda playful in this POV clip! One moment she is talking sweetly, the next she screams her demands and you’d better obey Her-- or else! She pulls aside her panties and invites you into her perfect pink pussy - but be warned - once inside, you may never come back out...

Suck My Asshole, Bitch! 02 Clip 03

Description: Clip 07 in this series begins with Mistress Gianna shoving those gigantic tits in his face and smothering him with them, before jumping back up and giving you a view of that terrific body sitting on his face. From 2:00 in to 5:00 minutes there is some silly tickling going on, but some people may like that (I've discounted this clip to reflect the non-smothering part). It's playful and fun for the participants I'm sure, but if you're like me, you're most interested in the facesitting - which picks up again 5 minutes in and from there on continues the rest of the video - until she cums!

Suck My Asshole, Bitch! 02 Clip 02

Description: The naked facesitting continues with Mistress Gianna shoving her naked pussy and ass in his face in the standing position for a couple more minutes before she throws him to the bed and binds him to the futon. There are a couple minutes where she stands above him too long, putting her feet in his face, etc...I assumed you might want to see it, so I left it in, but discounted the clip a bit for that. Soon though, she is right back on his face with terrific smothering technique, making sure he is suffering underneath her...

Suck My Asshole, Bitch! 02 Clip 01

Description: Mistress Gianna shows up and leads slave jonesy to the fireplace here she stands above his kneeling body and rides his face from that position. This is pure humiliating panty smothering and you'll likely be surprised he doesn't break his neck! Shortly, she tosses him to the ground and smothers him with that fleshy butt and pussy in typical facesitting style until she moves around and scissors his face between those ample thighs. With a minute to go, off come the panties and it's all naked Face-In-Butt action from there...

Suck My Asshole, Bitch! 01 Clip 04 POV

Description: Voluptuous Mistress Whitney Stevens looks right at you and commands, “Suck My Asshole, bitch!” in this sexy POV where you can't help but stare at her amazing body, pouty lips, and insanely glorious, all-natural 38DD breasts. When she opens up her pussy and ass for your POV look right into her, you’ll be ready to cum right then...

Suck My Asshole, Bitch! 01 Clip 02

Description: Voluptuous Mistress Whitney Stevens rides her slave's face with abandon, and you get several straight minutes of terrific In-Your-Face asshole and pussy visuals - you get to experience it first hand as he is commanded to lick and suck for all he is worth. It might be too much for some guys to take, but our slave keeps his tongue going like crazy while she hovers over him and demands constant worship....and that BODY!

Suck My Asshole, Bitch! 01 Clip 01

Description: Voluptuous Mistress Whitney Stevens drags slave freddy to the bed by his leash and immediately hops on his face, where you get a full view of her incredible body. She torments him with her sweet voice as she forces him lick her pussy first and then her ass. Our poor slave struggles to make his tongue work faster just like she demands of him. She moans with pleasure from the licking and even smacks him with a riding crop to get better performance. She reverse facesits him and makes him stretch his tongue out as far as it can go so it can probe her anus. Mistress Whitney squeezes his balls without mercy and whacks him some more. Not super dominant but still sexy and you can't take your eyes off her simply stunning body....

Runaway Facesitter 02 Clip 03

Description: In the beginning of this clip Mistress Sandra is playing around with his chastity device and really not much happens for the first few minutes other than some casual playing around, so I've discounted that part off. A few minutes in though, he's back to eating her pussy and ass before finally being allowed to blow his load on her back as a reward for his service - although part of that reward means the humiliation of having to lick up his mess with his tongue. A decent overall Femdom clip but smothering and facesitting lovers will prefer Clip 02.