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Thanks for visting us here at Smother.TV! Our goal is to become your viewing location for all things smother and facesitting related, so buckle up and enjoy the ride because you ain't seen nothing yet. With the launch of this Smothering Super Store, we are introducing you to a whole new way of thinking about how you get your smother clips. When you join our site, the clips that you have selected to download are kept on file for you - meaning, if you ever lose it for any reason (bad hard drive or disturbed girlfriend!) you simply login and grab the clip again. No need to look through the whole site to find it, they will be sitting here ready for you. Also, we fully guarantee your satisfaction with every clip you download - if you feel any video you have watched is not as described or you simply didn't like it, we'll be glad to have you choose another to replace it. Obviously, this comes with reasonable limits, but we're all reasonable people here, right?! Now let's get to the facesitting - JOIN HERE


So how do things work here at Smother.TV? Good question: For the low, low subscription cost of $19.87, you will receive $40 in credit to download clips from our site. So basically, if a clip on the site says $10, in reality that clip is only going to cost you $5 when you download it. Half price clips sounds pretty good, right? This happens every month that you stay a member and your credit is good forever, so if you haven't had time to download any clips, or you leave the country for work, or you go on an extended vacation - whatever the circumstances, you are always getting what you paid for - and more! We have bonus contest events where you can answer some smother questions for bonus credit to download more clips - or you might have random amounts of credit added to your account - we like to surprise you! Some days you may login and find a free clip just waiting for you in your download list. We are the spontaneous Smother Santa Claus you've been hoping to find, so - JOIN HERE

Let's say the unthinkable happens - for some reason, you can't find a clip on our site that gets you excited enough to download and watch it (first, check your pulse to see if you're still alive). The solution is readily available to you and at no charge whatsover: you can instead download clips from one of our friends! We have other facesitting friends that you can use your same login with, such as www.plonx.com or www.squashing.org - or even if you feel froggy and want some trample clips from www.trample.us or www.MistressDestiny.org or interracial clips from www.BlackBeatsWhite.com or foot fetish clips from www.brats.tv - you get the idea. There should never be a shortage of available clips for you to download and enjoy. If there is, please let us know and we'll get more - we can't have you not downloading clips! So now it's time - JOIN HERE

Strike while you are feeling the facesitting muse - you love these kinds of clips and that's a beautiful thing - what could be more perfect than a woman with a big perfect booty using your face for her pleasure? We are the place for you - we all think alike here and we all love the same thing. Become a member with us today, you will be glad you did! JOIN HERE